Liquid Formulation: From Development to Production


With over 30 years’ experience within the lyophilisation industries , Biopharma Group’s specialists over a comprehensive range of lyo services including R&D, cycle development, process review, comparable process reviews and pre-/post process analysis to name a few of the options available. In addition to these services, we also provide end-to-end development of liquid formulation for pharmaceutical products. The team of in-house experts can help develop your early-stage R&D through collaborative consultation in order to ensure that processing helps to maximise product stability, improve shelf-life and reduce costs.


The customisable and flexible nature of Biopharma Group’s services means that the processing of your liquid formulation will be catered specifically to the needs of the desired end product. Along each step of the process, Biopharma Group can help you. From contract research services for formulation development and end-product purpose/ project goals, to scalable contract manufacturing services that can operate across small, medium or large volumes that can be adapted to scale-up or down to meet your needs.


Additionally, Biopharma Group has expanded its offerings, and can now help with the contract assembly and packaging from the preparation, dispensing into vials/well-plates, packaging and then shipping onward using our own fill-finish processing line. The Biopharma Group team will ensure every step is processed accurately and efficiently in compliance with industry regulations, whether this is for increased shelf-life, shipping and cold-chian protocols to easy reconstitution of your liquid formulation, or for fast turnaround projects.


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