Investment in Lyobeads - A Massive Step Forward for Lyo R&D


Biopharma Group has taken its extensive experience within the freeze drying industry to help increase lyophilization productivity, reduce costs and reduce cycle times by investing in its lyobead production capabilities. Biopharma Group’s lyobead generation line can create millions of lyobeads a month.


‘Lyobeads’ (lyophilized spheres) have become a popular technology in the field of freeze drying and Biopharma Group has been at the forefront of its evolution, supporting many customers to increase productivity whilst achieving significant cost and time savings.


Lyobeads are suitable for high throughput, and are adaptable to product container changes, allowing greater volumes of product to be loaded into the dryer. Using Biopharma Group’s specialist support, many customers have developed good quality beads that are robust and have a large surface area, meaning reconstitution time is typically very short. Additionally, storage is simplified, since lyobeads can be stored in bulk prior to packaging, making shipping easier and safer.


Biopharma Group has invested heavily in lyobead technology to scale-up and improve its production capabilities, which has proved to be of great value to R&D customers looking for fast delivery to market.  Biopharma Group can offer a complete end-to-end lyobead production line, consisting of:


  • Procurement and purchasing of reagents, to prevent any delays to production start
  • Preparation and compounding, to streamline the process
  • Generation of frozen beads, using Biopharma’s lyobead generator
  • Freeze drying of lyobeads
  • Quality control, assessment of the dried product
  • Picking-and-Placing, ensuring the beads are placed in appropriate containers
  • Packaging, ensuring that the beads are held within a suitable environment


In addition to R&D and manufacturing services, Biopharma Group is proud to have designed and developed a dedicated lyobead generator which has the capacity to produce beads at different scales, specific to customer requirements. 


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