Application Note: Addressing the Challenges of Lyobead Production

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Application Note: Addressing the Challenges of Lyobead Production

Addressing The Challenges Associated With Electrostatic Charge In Lyophilised Bead Production

Discover via this application note written by Biopharma Group's, Niloofar Ganji MSc, regarding how we can tackle the challenges associated with electrostatic charge during lyobead production.


The Challenge:

Producing lyophilised products, including spray freeze-dried materials and lyobeads, presents significant challenges related to electrostatic charging. Electrostatic charges can develop at various stages of the production process, with the product's formulation and packing environment playing a critical role in mitigating this issue. Handling lyobeads can be difficult due to their low mass and static charge, causing them to cling to each other and contact surfaces, making separation and handling challenging and requiring special tools. 

Additionally, the low density of the beads limits gravitational forces, making them very sensitive to airflow. This application note explains the sources of electrostatic charge and the correct processes to avoid it; download to disciver more.


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